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Modern and Vintage Prints

Modern prints include all the prints printed by the archive after the passing of Ken Griffiths in 2014. Vintage prints are those printed by Ken in his lifetime and signed by him. These are very rare and only sold occasionally. 

 Limited Editions

Limited edition prints are made in a limited number in a specific size and finish. They are authenticated by the estate representative, Ruby Griffiths and come with a certificate of authenticity as well as the embossed signature of Ken Griffiths on the bottom right under the image. Once these have sold, no others will ever be made in that size again. The cost of each print rises as the edition sells.

Vintage Artist Proofs

Vintage artists proofs are prints made by Ken Griffiths during his lifetime to test size and paper finishes while sometimes adjusting the contrast and saturation of the images to achieve his vision. These are more valuable than modern prints because they were printed by Ken and reflect his creative process. They are extremely exclusive and almost never available in more than one piece.

Open Editions

Open editions are prints that are unsigned and not made in a limited number, making them more accessible and affordable. They do not come with a certificate of authenticity and are not stamped with the embossed Ken Griffiths Signature. 


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital, collectable assets that are stored on a digital ledger known as the blockchain. Being Non-Fungible means that this is a unique item that cannot be replaced by anything else. When you buy an NFT you are certifying ownership through a token that is transferred to your digital wallet. Think of a certificate of authenticity but one that can never be tampered with, showcasing the ownership history on a chain that will never be lost. 

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