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Princess Margaret A Thwarted Butterfly

Pencil on tracing paper (framed)

24.8x51.8 cm

NFT version available on KO

Asking Price: £3,000

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Rodney Matthews is an English internationally acclaimed master of his craft, fantasy and science-fiction illustrator. Trained at the West of England College of Art, Matthews worked in advertising before turning freelance in 1970. Matthews has painted over 140 subjects for record album covers, for many rock and progressive rock bands, including Thin Lizzie, Magnum, Nazareth, Praying Mantus and The Rolling Stones. 


Rodney's rich creations filled with lavish landscapes and populated by bizarre inhabitants. He is praised for his rock-band album covers and fantasy illustrations. Have been adorning posters, album covers and book jackets and coming to life in video games and animation for over fifty years.


Rodney's reinterpretation of the photograph of HRH Princess Margaret taken by Ken Griffiths, and marking the 20th anniversary of the Princess' passing, does not disappoint. A Princess chained to the ground by the world's expectations, guarded by mystical creatures and with large wings that can't wait to take her away: a moving portrait of an iconic personality.

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