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A Dream

21x29.7 cm

Fineliner on paper (framed)

Asking Price: £300

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Rochelle Marie Asquith is a West Yorkshire-based young artist who likes to create a dreamy atmosphere in her signature black liner that reels the viewer in. The choice of black and white is reminiscent of the old, classic films that inspire Asquith’s art, alongside folk tales and fantasy novels.


In her reinterpretation of Princess Margaret's photograph, Asquith transports both subject and viewers to a fantasy land where positive outcomes for semi-fictional royalty become possible once again.


Asquith sets on a journey to return the subject of her work to the fairy-tale dimension where royalty thrives. The butterflies are flying from a starry vortex, the houses and towers crawling up the walls, the rippling clouds and a white void for a star.


The viewer’s interpretation of her work is enhanced by the wealth of detail provided, which also encapsulates the ethos of her art: surreal, gothic, and whimsical but also very detailed in its pursuit of fantastical imagery.

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