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– Limited-edition Ken Griffiths Prints –

We are excited to unveil a special addition to our shop - a brand-new set of prints from Ken Griffiths' legendary 1986 Panhandle series, specially printed for our exhibition in Austin, Texas on brushed aluminium.

The prints are expertly crafted on premium brushed aluminum, each print is a true work of art, radiating and transforming under varying light conditions, they emit a radiant shimmer that is truly enchanting.

These prints are not your typical reproductions; they are exclusive editions, making them a highly sought-after item for collectors. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity, personally signed by Ruby Griffiths, the founder of Ken Griffiths Bureau.


Small Edition

Edition of 15
Size: 16x20"
Material: Brushed Aluminium


Collectors Edition

Edition of 10
Size: 24x30"
Material: Brushed Aluminium


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