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It's not easy being a Human

90 x 90 x 52 cm

Portland cement, fabric painted with blood

Asking Price: £42,000

Born in Greece, Niko Kapa studied Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art and Architecture in AUTH. He went on to lead a successful career as an architect, artist and researcher and is currently living in London. Recipient of international awards for both artistic and architectural work, such as the AIA Middle East Award Audi Innovation Award and Architect of the Year in the UAE, his work has also been exhibited internationally and featured in Biennials and renowned private and public institutions.

In Kapa’s sculpture, concrete casts of the artist’s arms break through the physical reality of the wall they’re fixed on, humbly offering a piece of cloth featuring the statement, ‘’It’s not easy being human” painted with the artist's blood, in a reminiscence of classical sculpture fashion.

The message on the veil is enigmatic in its simplicity: by replacing the word “princess” with ‘’human”, the artist shows that royalty as a concept is unnatural and indeed not an innate feature of humankind. The Princess’ torment can be explained by the conflict between royalty and humanness, proving that her humanity is the very thing that makes it difficult for her to inhabit her royal title.

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