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Rebel Without a Crown

50.8x76.2 Inches

Screenprint and diamond dust

Asking Price: £5,500

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Mr. Controversial is a London-based Artist who transforms vintage imagery, bringing it back into a contemporary panorama. He creates imagery that elicits an emotional response and triggers a nostalgic or dark memory, packaged in satirical, relatable captions and quotes. Drawing from his experience in the advertising industry, his work is born out of a passion for crafting engaging visual communication and marketing psychology.


Half movie poster, half mugshot, Mr Controversial’s artwork carefully blends the old with the new, breaking with tradition to make way for a more modern interpretation. While the reproduction of the subject, remains faithful to the original photographic portrait, the final product breaks down the barriers between Prison Chic aesthetics and relatable memes, realising itself into the free world of social media.


Paying homage to Margaret’s rule-breaking ethos and drawing inspiration from 1960s movie posters and vintage photography, Mr Controversial isolated the background, added halftone dots and transforms the pillow into a mugshot letter-board. A fine grade of shimmering diamond dust, something more tactile, impactful and beautiful is added to finish off the piece.

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