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The Royal Blow-Up of an Infinite Memory

100 x 70 cm

Mixed media on paper (framed)

NFT version available on KO

Asking Price: £3,000

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Lucia Emanuela Curzi is an Italian Fashion Artist and Designer with a BA in Media Design, followed by courses at the London College of Fashion. Curzi has won the first prize in the Company Magazine Illustration Competition by publisher Hearst Magazines UK. Since then, she has been commissioned by a wide number of international publications, including Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Vanity Fair and the Sunday Times, and has exhibited her work in leading Museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Britain. Among her commercial clients, one finds Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Tiffany, Mac Cosmetics, Selfridges, Tory Burch, London Fashion Week, Laura Mercier, Acqua di Parma, Harrods, Todʼs.


In her mixed-media reinterpretation, she takes the viewers on a journey through time, documenting shifting perceptions on the subject and of the monarchy at large. Viewers can observe a pale but self-assured Princess Margaret holding the pillow - her back turned to what appears to be a burning room. The eyes are the focal point of the piece - as well as the feature around which the whole painting has been built - starting from the Princess' witty and mysterious glare. The eye motif can be noticed in the image reproduced on the Princess' left: a crowned eye shedding a tear, highlighting the subject's struggle as a direct consequence of her royal status.

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