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7 x 25 x 20 cm

Glass and copper clout nails

Asking Price: £2,000

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Julie Light has completed an MA in Art and Science at Central St Martin's, University of the Arts, London, developing her practice in the niche field of glass sculpture. She has exhibited across the UK and was awarded first prize at Habatat Gallery's international 'Viral Glass' show in the USA.


Light works utilising glass combined with metal, and other materials, primarily making sculptural objects. She believes that engaging with physical objects facilitates radically different ideas and conversations. Visibility, invisibility, tactility and texture are central to her work. Light enjoys the exploration of tensions and contrasts: how the organic and the mechanical coexist, how visible and translucent surfaces hide or reveal what is inside. 


Her reinterpretation transcends the image and focuses on the infamous pillow held by Princess Margaret. The result is a glass pillow, reminiscent of human flesh in colour, onto which a crown of metal thorns is embossed, resting on a cushion of Mongolian sheepskin. Commonly associated with comfort, her pillow represents the opposite: the discomfort and difficulties hidden beneath royal and feminine roles.

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