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Emma Coyle 


122 x 19 cm

Acrylic paint on canvas

Asking Price: £17,000

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Emma Coyle is an Irish-born artist with over 20 years of experience working in the art world. Based in London since 2006, she has been the recipient of the International Art Market's Gold List award, 'Top international contemporary artist of today, 'Recommended artist to invest in and be inspired by, with work acquired by Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton.


Her current figurative work focuses on contemporary fashion magazine imagery and advertisements to produce paintings inspired by 1st wave of New York Pop Art of the 1950s. Coyle's work has appeared in many publications, including The Times, London's Mayfair Times, Avari art, A5, among others.


Using bold outlines and bright colours, Coyle chose to simplify the image and peel away its many layers of opulence, stripping it bare and condensing it into its main elements. It is a provocation of change in perspective, ultimately allowing the viewer to forget about the statues and jewels and to focus on the humanity of the subject. 

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