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The Flamboyant Princess

80 x 80 cm

Giclée fine art print on metal panel

NFT version available on KO

Asking Price: £1,200

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Born in Crimea, Ekaterina (Eka) Lestienne is a French artist and creator who immerses her viewers in a colourful world full of positive vibes. Passionate about the harmony of colours, her works are unique, vibrant and sparkling. She melds the pieces of digitally transformed images together, mixing them with other media creating intuitive fresh layered imagery.


The magic of colours she creates is capable of boosting motivation and increasing vital energy, the reason why she refers to her works as "energy powerhouses". Eka's artistic goal is to deliver one message: beauty is everywhere, and it is intense. She celebrates beauty in all shapes in her work and reinforces ideas about an optimistic vision of the world, inspiring others.


Ekaterina's reinterpretation of the iconic shot of HRH Princess Margaret takes you with her in a tsunami of colours, where the Princess is younger, vibrant and screaming of her lust for life. A true vision of happiness and joy.

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