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At the Ken Griffiths Bureau, we are pioneers of merging the past with the present by taking incredible analogue photographs from the past and bringing them into the new digital era as NFTs.

To pursue this goal, we teamed up with a wide range of great artists who have skillfully reinterpreted portraits of icons such as HRH Princess Margaret, Sting, The Beatles and Corinne Day, taken by Ken Griffiths and other great photographers.


Check out our collections below and keep an eye on this page and our social media to be the first one to know about the latest projects!

nft collections


Inspired by the iconic photograph of HRH Princess Margaret taken by Ken Griffiths in 1986, 10 NFTs have been created each by a different artist for the exhibition 'HRH Princess Margaret – 20 Years 20 Artworks', which has taken place in Soho,London in February 2022. Half of the works have been inspired by a physical piece and half uniquely conceived as NFTs. Interested in knowing more about the exhibition and the works? Click below!


Starting with Ken Griffiths and Bruce Fleming’s analogue photographs of 10 music legends from the 20th Century, artist Remo Camerota brings them all right into the present as animated NFTs. Sting, The Beatles, Elvis Costello and many other celebrities from the world of music have come to life through his bold and innovative style made of colourful exploding compositions mixed with sound. Check them out!

From a series using Ken Griffiths' rare and iconic black & white fashion images from the '80s, featuring the late celebrity photographer Corinne Day, artist Zazu tells the story of two runaway lovers caught in an ever-changing universe. Their romance takes place in between glitching worlds, where the multicoloured present and monochrome past become one. There is always a piece of Zazu in every work she creates, look closely and you may find her.


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