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100 x 70 cm

Enamel paint on canvas

Asking Price: £6,500

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Originally from Bradford, Conor Murgatroyd Studied Fine art at Chelsea College of Arts in London and was the recipient of the Knights of the Table award in 2017. His engaging and beguiling practice, accompanied by a strong interest in history, explores the tangled web of influences, events, and emotions that make up the existential human experience. There is a sensible naivety to his works that is juxtaposed by carefully considered references to his iconic inspirations throughout art history.

Distinctively British in their appearance, his paintings evoke a feeling of nostalgia and compel us to view his life and ours with its raw, untethered beauty, constructed in his reality but recognisable by all. He links together many references from social studies placed in the realm of imagination.

One of the elements that Murgatroyd isolated in his reinterpretation is the Princess' witty and mysterious gaze, establishing a connection between the art and viewers, challenged and forced to consider themselves, to become aware of their presence. The viewer is both observer and observed.

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