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Claire MORT

2nd Post 

35 x 35 cm

Gold silk and embroidery thread (framed)

Asking price: £1,000

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Claire Mort is a Dorset-based artist, working across textiles, paint, printmaking and photography, with a particular interest in film photography. Mort has become renowned for her embroidery work, counting a notable following on social media and being the subject of a BBC documentary.


Claire is also a member of SEW (Society for Embroidered Work), aiming to promote and support artists who have an element of stitching in their artworks, hand or machine and traditional or contemporary forms of embroidery, and of the Embroiderers Guild. In 2019 she was shortlisted for two prizes in the National Needlework Awards at the Olympia London.


Drawing inspiration from personal experience and women's rights movements, she uses her art to communicate powerful messages. In her piece, Princess Margaret is a careful observer: she takes the subtleties of the original portrait and brings them to the viewer's attention without compromise. Princess Margaret is a prisoner of her 2nd class status - but she does not try to free her or imagine an alternative future.

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