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Ben Ashton

Everything In Its Right Place

118 x 61 cm

Acrylic paint on canvas

NFT version available on KO

Asking Price: £9,500

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Ben Ashton is a London-born visual artist who specialises in hyper-realist portraiture. He counts several solo shows and exhibits his works worldwide, from New York and Los Angeles to Melbourne and Paris. 


A master of subversion, his signature style is characterised by the mixing of past, present and future through the clash of classical techniques and imagery with bold newer ideas. When it comes to colour, Ashton describes his choices as “chromatic aberrations”, obtained through the use of chemicals to damage the prints that constitute the basis of his work.


His reinterpretation of the photograph of Princess Margaret descends upon viewers like a fever dream, created through the combination of classical techniques and imagery with an ethereal twist. The choice to reproduce the photograph, which captures an instant in the life of Princess Margaret as well as a moment in history, is perfectly in line with Ashton’s desire to explore the cyclical nature of historical events - trying to make sense of the ways in which it tends to repeat itself.

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